Leatherhead town situated in Surrey County, England. It is on the right bank of the River Mole, and at the side of the contiguous built-up area of London. The town local district is Mole Valley. Records exist of the area from Anglo Saxon England. It has a merged cinema and theatre, which is at the heart of the re-modelling following late 20th-century pedestrianisation.

The streets closely bypassing the town centre and feature in the seasonal London-Surrey cycle classic. Just north-east at the middle of Surrey and at a junction of old north-south and east-west roads, the town has been a focus for transport in its whole history.



Leatherhead has well links to different areas including London. Leatherhead railway station is serving the town. Over the past years, the town has had four railway stations. Two of them only remained for a short time and sustained for about eight years from the railway’s starting in 1859. C. H. Driver designed the current railway station in the gothic revival style.

The A24 is the main London to Worthing road runs through the side of the town being part of its bypass, to the east. The M25 motorway located to the north of the town. The Leatherhead can access through Junction 9.


Interesting Facts

Leatherhead town is a very beautiful village. There are numerous places where you can plan to visit. Like Bocketts Farm Park, Leatherhead Museum, Leatherhead Theatre, Surrey Society of Model Engineers, Leatherhead Community Garden, Leatherhead Golf Course, Polesden Lacey and many more.

Leatherhead Museum is small but it has a lot of historical and interesting information. This museum is located inside an old house in the centre of town.

The Leatherhead Community Garden has a variety of activities to take part in each weekend including woodwork, cookery, arts & crafts, as well as a typical gardening job.


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