Want to enjoy the best Desi food around downtown? So here is the indeed shrouded jewel of Epsom situated over the Kingston Road. It is one of the best Indian Restaurant in the surrounding area. The relaxing environment is the reflection of DAASTAN.

Although the restaurant is quite small, the wide variety of food satisfies people to a great extent. Dagestan’s menu includes Lamb chops, Chicken Tikka, Lollipop Chicken and the most delicious Butter Naan.

Furthermore, DAASTAN Lassi is the best choice among the customers. Coming to Falooda Kulfi which is the famous dessert and people always love dahi puri at DAASTAN because of its distinctive taste. Mouth-watering food, Halal chicken and affordable price are few reasons, why you should head on to Daastan.

Just food isn’t everything; the service is quite excellent. Staff are very, and you can have a good laugh with them while enjoying your masala dishes.

We highly recommend this restaurant because everything is so amazing and perfect at DAASTAN. It is a place where money is worth spending. You’ll love to enjoy your food with your friends and family. Enjoy your meal and amplify your fun!!

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