LSC has become a key player in DJ Hire Surrey. We have grown our business in Surrey county surrounding counties and 2017 has been the best year.  So, I wanted to give you an insight into how myself got into the music scene and got into the Sound and light Hire business.

My love for music and DJ started at around 7 years old, my Brother and Cousin purchased some Disco equipment and started their own little company, I was told they were the hot thing for DJ Hire in Surrey. They always done all the family parties and weddings receptions and for me once I saw all the flashing lights and heard music I was hooked.

DJ Hire Surrey with LSC Sound and Light Hire

I begged to have a go at every party, and in the end my cousin showed me the ropes, there was lots of faders and switches but after a few goes even at an early age I picked it up very quick.

I then started collecting records to build up my collection of music, plus also building up my Lighting and DJ equipment as I wanted to be no one for DJ Hire in Surrey one day.

Even throughout my teenage years I had a vision that I wanted to be the best DJ I could be, and I wanted to go down all the avenues from being a mobile/party DJ and playing at weddings to doing corporate parties like the big Christmas office party, Birthdays and so on.

Also, I wanted to be a big club DJ, and wanted to the DJ Hire in Surrey, plus I wanted to play all over the country, so a lot of work had to be done.

This was the early 1990’s so at this time the rave scene was massive, and I saw my opportunity, so I picked a number of local club night promoters and the plan was hound them, at the time mix tapes were the thing to send out, and I made sure that I sent at least 3 a month to each promoter.

Month after month I kept sending tape after tape until in the end one of the promoters gave in and gave me a chance, this was an under 18’s rave and after playing the first gig I went on to play many other events for this promoter and then this lead to other promoters giving me bookings.

How I was fascinated with Mobile Disco Hire in Surrey?

I also kept up with Mobile Disco side, and used to do equipment rental to a friend who would go out and do discos while I was doing the club nights.

This gave me a great idea, I thought maybe in the future people might not book DJs and discos, and will hire equipment and do their own parties, I thought I could be one of leading companies for Lighting hire in surrey or the best for London sound hire, this was food for thought and something that I would back to in later years.

Also in the mid to late nineties had a go at producing music, and myself and a friend started making Drum and Bass tracks, we got signed to popular dance record label called Quayside records, we had a couple of releases on the label and had moderate success in the scene.

My Life in 90’s | DJ Hire Surrey

Throughout the rest of the nineties I carried on with club DJ and music producing, making music also gave you that extra edge to be booked as the DJ Hire in Surrey, and this was also bringing in a good revenue, and I was learning more about Sound System hire in Surrey and London from the big companies that were supplying them and the hire of intelligent light for the events.

I was not till the noughties that things really started to move closer to the hire side for me, I was still club DJ and working for a Mobile Disco company doing Weddings, Birthdays and at Christmas time, doing the big corporate parties.

I then was offered a full-time position through a friend to work for a Disco Sound and Light shop, the main Products were the sale of Disco Lights, DJ equipment, Speakers and amps, but also the they did hire of disco equipment.

This is where I learnt about how to hire Disco and PA Hire in Surrey, and all the legalities the co inside to hire equipment, this was also a wonderful way to learn what products were popular and what equipment was worth purchasing as with hire stock it must last, as well as be pushed to limit time after time, I also learnt about the newest products like LED Up lighting, and products Serato scratch live which was a ground-breaking mp3 to Vinyl/ cd.

I carried on with this company for quite a few years as well as still being a DJ, unfortunately by 2009 my employment ended, but I did feel very confident in what I had learnt about how to run a hire company, plus I had made a lot of good connections.

Music style changed for me and I went more into the nightclub scene with DJ, and ended up Playing Major Nightclubs across the country and became the number one DJ Hire Surrey.

This did become my main form of income and I did put the ideas of running my own company to one side as I was working four nights a week and sleeping in the days.

How I started LSC Light and Sound Hire? | DJ Hire in Surrey

Sound system hire Surrey

It was not till 2015 that I decided it was time I got this business off the ground, I wanted to be a key player for Sound system hire Surrey, iPod systems, DJ equipment and led up lighting plus DJ Hire Surrey.

So, in Christmas 2015 it started to put together LSC London Surrounding Counties Sound and Light Hire and Events, the vision was clear to supply excellent quality Sound and Light Hire at competitive prices.

Brand New Company Website | DJ Hire in Surrey

The next step was to set up a website, I did the first site for LSC myself, I was happy with look, but I was not clued up about SEO, after the first-year business was going fine but I knew things could be better, so at the start of this year, I had the website rebuilt and had help with my SEO, Sam from Mediandseo have done an excellent job and has helped rebuild the SEO which has landed more business.

So, the best advice I could give, is know your market place, make sure you start with a decent amount of capital, as equipment plus other things do run up starting costs, set yourself up a reliable website and get a clever idea of SEO.

I hope this has been of interest to you.

All the Best


Owner/Operator LSC Sound and Light Hire and Events

DJ Hire Surrey

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