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Are you looking for projector hire in London or Surrey, or the surrounding counties, then look no further, LSC Sound & Light Hire & Events can help.

For many years projectors and projector hire have been a big part of many originations and schools for presentations, videos plus many more other applications.

LSC is the best Audio visual equipment rental service provider based in London and Surrey.

“I had never hired speaker or lighting equipment before and so, Jason invited my partner and me to look at all the equipment he hires out, to help us make an informed decision. He is very genial, knowledgeable, professional and helpful.”

“The sound and lighting packages are fairly priced, and he provides an excellent setup and dismantling service.”

“The sound quality, in particular, was superb, more like a large home hi-fi than the screechy speakers one normally has to suffer at parties.”

“The lighting easily spanned the large rectangular room, bouncing numerous shapes and colours off the walls, floor, and ceiling. We were delighted. Thank you very much, Jason and team.”

Projector Hire London | Surrey

Short History about Projectors

But did you know the history of the projector, well the first known documented use of a projected image dates back to the year 1420 where a nun used a lantern to project an image of the Devil, Leonardo da Vinci also drew a similar device, later known as a magic lantern, in 1515?

“In the late 1800s, magic lanterns using oil lamps began to be adopted by photographers, lecturers, and the general public rather than the spooky magician crowd.  They were also wisely renamed “opaque projectors.”

As time progressed, incandescent light bulbs with halogen lamps took the place of outdated light sources. These opaque projectors (as we know) were great teaching tools. For example, Chicago’s public-school system had around 8,000 opaque projectors by the end of World War I.

Overhead projectors eventually replaced the opaque projector. In World War II, soldiers were trained from presentations using a version of an overhead projector. Through the 50s and 60s, schools, businesses, and even police departments relied on overhead projectors to share information.

Overhead projectors evolved into multimedia projectors when digital images took over in the 20th century. On May 22nd, 1990, Microsoft launched a slide-based presentation computer program.

We know it today as our beloved PowerPoint, though it was originally called “Presenter” by developer Dennis Austin.

The goal of PowerPoint was to have a number of pages or “slides” that could represent the transparencies used in an overhead projector. It was more efficient than other forms of visual aid such as whiteboards or chalkboards and served many kinds of audiences and presentation needs.

The projector game had changed forever, signalling the end of overhead projectors and physical slide sheets”

Types of Projector Hire we offer

Whatever you need your projector hire for, we can offer the best package for you.

Let’s look at what projector hire items we offer.

So firstly, we offer desktop projector hire, our HD projectors come with a VGA and HD plugin option and fantastic for small and medium-sized events. They are a simple plug and play projectors and work well for most occasions.

We offer projector hire for the bigger events in London and Surrey, and normally the projector hire of choice is our large event projectors are fantastic for concerts, prize givings and conferences. Our large projectors come with a multiple choice of lenses to fit your perfect size image. Please contact us for more information on our large projector hire.

But don’t forget, we offer more than just projector hire, we also offer lighting hire, stage lighting rental, marquee lighting, fairy light hire, uplighters for weddings, fairy light backdrop wedding, plus many more there hire items and services.

So, when you book a projector hire, you usually need other items such as microphone hire or Lighting hire options, let’s go through some of our Hire items.

We all remember the sound old fashioned multi coloured traffic light disco effects which were hotter than the sun and could remove ten layers of skin if touched, glad to say that disco light effects have moved on a long way since then.

We now use more led disco effect lights as these last a lot longer and are a lot more lightweight, so more comfortable to hang up.

Hire Package along with Projector Hire

LSC Project Hire

So are you having your projector hire in a marquee, here are marquee lighting hire ideas?

Led uplighting is a great way to transform the marquee with a colour of choice, also another nice touch is fairy light hire, this can be used both indoors and outdoors. we also offer stage hire, lectern hire, lighting and stage lighting rentals such as parcans, pinspots and flood lighting.

We also offer a lot of lighting solutions for weddings such as fairy light backdrop wedding, and uplighters for weddings, as well as your usual disco effect lighting options.

Most Popular Lighting Effects Hire we offer

LED Uplighting

So Led uplighting is a very popular hire item and gets used in many different ways and at different events. So the powered uplighters have many different colours and settings to choose from.

It can be used as stage lighting or even as a disco effect, with built-in sound to light technology, but their main use is to use for lighting up venues with the colour of your choice.

We also offer battery powered uplighters which have a nine-hour battery life so no need for power cables, this lighting s very popular with weddings, product launches, fashion shows, corporate events.

Fairy light and Festoon hire

Now fairy light and festoon hire are a popular choice when it comes to weddings, due to sheer effect especially at night time, but these lighting effects are also used a lot over the summer months as more and more people have parties in their gardens, and both festoon and fairy lighting give that extra effect, both come in 10 metre lengths and can be daisy chained to the length needed.

Disco Lighting Effects

So, when having a party or corporate event or a wedding reception, you will normally find people listen to music and dancing and having fun and disco effect lighting makes that atmosphere happen. We have many different disco light effects to choose from but here are some of the favourites with our customers.

Kam laser scan 1000 3D

This laser is multi-functional laser with many settings and can be used for band gigs, club nights plus many more other types of events, but the cluster setting is a beautiful setting sending out lots of patterns and circles, perfect for all kinds of parties and will a large venue full of colours and patterns.

Martin Rush Wizard

The Martin Rush Wizard is an amazing disco light effect, this a scanner type of light which uses a roller and mirror system to throw light beams and patterns all over your venue. Two of these will fill a very large venue full of light and effect.

We all remember the sound old fashioned multi coloured traffic light disco effects which were hotter than the sun and could remove ten layers of skin if touched, glad to say that disco light effects have moved on a long way since then.

We now use more led disco effect lights as these last a lot longer and are a lot more lightweight, so more comfortable to hang up.

Check out our other PA Hire Options

So, we have learnt today a lot about the projector hire and other hire items we offer. But to learn more, check out our website or call our team.

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    • My husband and I were absolutely delighted with the service we received from LSC Sound and Light Hire. Jason was very knowledgeable and helpful in our initial phone call, and gave us excellent advice about how much equipment we might need, and what would work best. The collection and return was very easy and Jason was very friendly and gave us clear demonstrations for how to set everything up. We would 100% recommend this company to others, and hope to use them again ourselves in the future - many thanks.

      Imogen Whitehead - 5 star Google Review

    • Fantastic company

      Jason was incredibly helpful, right from the start. He suggested additional lighting options (laser cam) which was brilliant and really added to the party feel of the venue. The uplighting completely changed the look of what was a basic rugby club bar and everyone commented on how lovely it looked. For not much money, we made the whole space look amazing. Highly recommend using Jason and his company.

      Cal Alphonse - 5 star Trust pilot Review

    • Great service and great easy to set up equipment Great friendly service from Jason from the initial enquiry to collecting the equipment. Prices competitive, as local to me I was able to pick items up myself which saved on time and cost. Took time to show me how to set up the equipment, which I videoed as a reminder and was available to support it I struggled. Luckily with the video as a reminder I could set up myself without bother. Helpful friendly service would recommend.  

      Charlotte Emma Burns - 5 star Trust pilot Review

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