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LSC has known as the best “Sound Hire London”. We are proud to provide an excellent service for an affordable price for the people around London and Surrey county. Our premier London Speaker Hire range are of the best quality. We provide our rental service to both private as well as corporate parties and functions.


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It’s been a very long time since the first turntable was invented in 1877 by the prolific inventor Thomas Edison. Now fast forward to 1970 in New York City where a young DJ started to run parties in his loft for his friends. The DJ was called David Mancuso, and he is now a legend in the dance music scene and is seen as a true pioneer of his time.

David made changes to his speakers to get a better sound. These changes have lasted until the present day, and all the speakers at my local hire company Sound Hire London currently stock.

The word spread about The Loft, and it became the first dance music club in the world where people were focused on the music and partying all night long. The influence of the loft can still be felt today in dance culture all over the world.

The loft-inspired lots of imitators as the dance scene began to grow in New York in the early 1970s. One of these clubs was called The DJ’s at the Haven were looking for a way to improve their sets and worked with Alex Rosner to come up with the world’s first mixer.

Mixer gave the DJ’s ability to mix the records, which had previously been impossible. This was a significant leap in the history of dance music. Unfortunately, the mixer wasn’t commercially available at the time, but it soon spawned its imitators that were.

You can still hire mixers based on the same idea at the PA sound system hire London. They stock equipment that wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the foresight of Alex Rosner.

The following year an original new product hit the market. A product that is still used to this day, especially by turntablists in the hip hop community such as Mix Master Mike and DJ Qbert. The product was the Technics SL-1200.

Some may be surprised that these decks are forty-seven years old, but these decks have a long and distinguished history. Decks have been a staple of the dance scene from the early disco days to the present day.

Although they have fallen from favour due to the digitisation of the DJ equipment, some DJ’s still love the feel and sound of vinyl on a Technics turntable. For those that prefer the more modern equipment, you can always hire them from Sound Hire London.

What made the Technics turntable stand out was the ability to alter the speed of the records. The very first attempts at beat matching began in earnest so there could be seamless mixing of records to enhance the music and DJ Experience.

The following year in 1973 and a pivotal date in the history of music. August the 11th in the Bronx a DJ called Kool Herc noticed that the people we were playing to went crazy during the break.  It is a section of just a drum beat and bass and decided to use two copies of the same record to loop the break over and over again. This was the birth of the breakbeat and hip hop, which is the dominant music in the world today.

The early ’70s was a very fertile time and place for music with the birth of punk, disco and hip hop all at pretty much the same time. None of this would have been possible if it were not for the innovators who created the equipment that is still available today at PA sound system and hire London. This period in history gave birth to three very different types of music that went on to conquer the world.

LSC is proud to be one of the best Sound Hire London area. We have the regular business and private customers around Surrey and London.


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Ipod / Laptop / Phone / Tablet Hire Package 1

  • Easy setup, just plug and play.
  • Compatible with phones, IPod, Tablets and laptops.
  • Covers up to 150 people.

Starting from £60 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Ipod / Laptop / Phone / Tablet Hire Package 2

  • Easy setup, just plug and play
  • Compatible with phones, iPod, Tablets & laptops.
  • Covers up to 400 people

Starting from £125 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Entry Level Light and Sound Hire Package

  • 2x QSC HPR 122I Speakers
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar And Cables For iPod / Laptop
  • Perfect for Small venues of up to 150 People

Starting from £120 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Standard Level Light and Sound Hire Package

  • 4 x Speakers 2 x FBT Bass bins and 2 x QSC Tops
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Laser Small
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar and Cables For iPod/Laptop
  • Perfect for medium venues of up to 220 People

Starting from £215 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Best Light and Speaker Package

  • 4 x Speakers 2 x FBT Bass bins and 2 x QSC Tops
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Laser Small
  • 4 x Super Nova Lights inc. lighting stand
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar And Cables For iPod/Laptop
  • Perfect for medium/Large venues of up to 220 People

Starting from £260 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

You can either choose the package deal or we can build a custom deal for you. We have special deal for the people living in the Surrey Area.

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