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When looking for lighting and sound rental specialist in Surrey and London, you cannot beat us at LSC Sound & Light Hire & Events. Providing Sound & Light hire to the local areas and London, LSC has become one of the most trusted companies in the last few years, and we have gained this reputation by offering the very best quality equipment and delivering fantastic customer service.

We wanted as a company to offer excellent quality equipment at competitive prices, and we also wanted to cover all aspects of hiring from light and sound rental for small parties right up to band gigs, mini-festivals, conferences, and all other events that require sound and light solutions.

So, we became the one stop shop for all, and this has been the key to our success.

Sound Rental Specialist

Help the Local Business: Use our Sound Rental Service.

We have most of our speakers powered, which means the amplifiers are built-in making setup very easy. These are also easy to connect microphones or multimedia devices to such as mobile phones and mp3 players etc.

LSC is so much more, offering our events side of the business is where we can provide Sound & Light for Events of all sizes plus many more other items such as stage lighting, Special effects including CO2 cannons, pyrotechnics, Confetti Cannons,

Staging, including different aspects of size from small raised stages for conferences to large scenes for concerts, or significant product launches, we can source all. Dance floors, from Black & White, Parquet, or LED we can fit all size venues.

Are you giving a talk at your local school and want to be heard, we have powered speakers you can connect a microphone directly too, just plug and play.

We use the very best manufacturers such as QSC Audio, Martin Audio and KV2 Audio as these speaker systems offer both great sound and reliability.

We have both wired and wireless microphone rental options. We would recommend wireless microphone since it is easy to handle.

DJ Hire in Surrey LSC Sound and light hire Surrey

Help the Local Business: Use our Light Rental Service.

We cover all kinds of lighting hire.

Firstly, disco effect Lighting, we offer many types of disco effect lighting to make your party or event full of colour.
We have made our Lighting System so easy, even a newbie with zero knowledge of lighting system can plug it together without any hesitation.

Guess what our disco light effects hire, starts from astonishingly low price; just from £10 pounds upwards. Our Disco lights have a mini microphone built in, and they can pick up on the beat a bass of your music and flash and move accordingly.

Surprisingly, our advanced lighting not only works from sound to light but it can also be controlled by the DMX which means the lights can be programmed to move or change. Nightclub lighting uses this ingenious system but can be very helpful if you want the light to be slow for a wedding couple first dance then make it faster for the rest of the night.

Other Lighting includes Moving Headlights, Lasers, Strobe Lighting, U.V Lighting Wash Lights, Flood Lighting, LED Uplighting, Festoon, and Fairy Lighting.

You can hire indoor or outdoor Festoon and fairy lights. They are a must-have for weddings and wedding receptions. We also offer LED Uplighters both powered and smart battery lights, which transform both inside and outside of venues into all sorts of colours.

Check out our latest offers on Lighting Hire

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“Our ethos is to supply the best service and products to ensure that whether you are hiring a disco light or speaker, or we’re setting up the sound and lighting for your event, every single small detail is covered. Right from the first contact, we will always find out your individual needs and give you the best possible advice on what products and services will work best for you.”

LSC Sound & Light & events offer many more hire products and services which can help with your event. We offer a free site visit to inspect your event or party place and suggest you the best equipment you need, to help you get everything you need but also help us arrange everything we need when we come to do the FREE INSTALLATION.

On the other hand, pre-inspection can help you save money since you only hire what you need as we know not everyone knows about the sound and hight equipment as much as our experienced engineers.

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Ipod / Laptop / Phone / Tablet Hire Package 1

  • Easy setup, just plug and play.
  • Compatible with phones, IPod, Tablets and laptops.
  • Covers up to 150 people.

Starting from £60 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Ipod / Laptop / Phone / Tablet Hire Package 2

  • Easy setup, just plug and play
  • Compatible with phones, iPod, Tablets & laptops.
  • Covers up to 400 people

Starting from £125 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Entry Level Light and Sound Hire Package

  • 2x QSC HPR 122I Speakers
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar And Cables For iPod / Laptop
  • Perfect for Small venues of up to 150 People

Starting from £120 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Standard Level Light and Sound Hire Package

  • 4 x Speakers 2 x FBT Bass bins and 2 x QSC Tops
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Laser Small
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar and Cables For iPod/Laptop
  • Perfect for medium venues of up to 220 People

Starting from £215 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

Best Light and Speaker Package

  • 4 x Speakers 2 x FBT Bass bins and 2 x QSC Tops
  • 2 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Laser Small
  • 4 x Super Nova Lights inc. lighting stand
  • All stands, Lighting T Bar And Cables For iPod/Laptop
  • Perfect for medium/Large venues of up to 220 People

Starting from £260 / day

Book Now:  07470 471658

You can either choose the package deal or we can build a custom deal for you. We have special deal for the people living in the Surrey Area.

LSC is proud to be one of the best Sound Rental Specialist in Surrey area. We have the regular business and private customers around Surrey and London.


Office 07470 471658

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