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Are you having a party or an big event this year, and you are still in the planning stage ? LSC have been providing sound system rental service in Surrey and London.

Many moons ago if it was a party you had to book a mobile DJ & disco or a band,but now with technology being leaps ahead, most of us all own an Ipod, or a portable MP3 player or a mobile phone or laptop that we have our favorite music on.

This meant that the days of having to spend in excess of £250-£350 just on the music had gone.

It is the same with the development of Speakers, This is why we have fast become leaders for Sound System Rental in London and Surrey, From the days of having to run amplifiers and then a mixer to be able to add any other devices, Speakers have now evolved to the powered speaker.

Thus the amplifier being fitted into the speaker, which makes set up very easy and now with built in dsp and limiters makes these new new school speaker system both loud and very easy to connect too, as well as having volume control and low pass cut offs.

This is why we use QSC Powered speakers as they have all these features and sound amazing.

Video from youtube care of Sweet Tree Productions

No matter what the occasion, we at LSC have different speakers systems to suit, this is why we see ourselves as the leaders for Sound System Rental.

For small parties up to 150 people we suggest the QSC HPR122i Speakers, just because of the ease of use and the amazing sound quality, these speakers are also great for Business conferences as you can connect a microphone directly to the speaker, and the design means that you can easily use as a feedback monitor for band gigs or productions.

You can also easily link speaker to speaker and connect as many as you want which is perfect when you want to evenly distributed sound like when someone is giving a talk to an audience, to have three speakers each side this will mean all will be able to hear clearly without having to have the sound too loud.

Also with Powered Speakers once you put on the low cut switch and take all the bottom end out of the tops then add a powered subwoofer or Bass bin as they are also known, Then you get that real big bass sound like you would get at a club or a large band gig.

Sound System Rental with LSC 1

So Your event needs a bigger sound system, no problem we can cater no matter the size.

So our next level up from QSC is the KV2 System,there are lots of ‘Powered Speakers’ but  KV2 Audio, is an active speaker that goes beyond bolting a Class D amplifier to the back of a box. It works towards creating the best technology in each distinct discipline then integrate each step into a powerful package within the context of a truly remarkable audio system.

With over 3000 watts of power these speakers really pack a punch, and who said big things don’t come in small packages.

Add the KV2 EX 2.2 Bass bins to the package and WOW what a sound system Covering to audiences of 700 and above.


KV2 Audio EX10 Demo

Video from youtube care of KV2 Audio


Sound Sytem Rental | Big Bang for Less Price

So the next wave up for Sound System Rental is Martin Blackline System, this is a monster system starting from 2x Bass Bins and 2x Tops, this amp driven system can added too, with up to 8x speakers or even 12x if needed.

The Martin Blackline system is in a league of its own, if you are having large party or event and you want to not just hear the music but feel it, Then trust me this is the system for you.

We tend to hire this system out to a lot of Drum & Bass Rave promoters, as for that kind of music where bass is a big key the Martin system does not disappoint.

Perfect for concerts, Band gigs, small festivals or Club Nights.

check out the full range at Martin Audio’s website

And that is a run down for Sound System Rental Surrey

Don’t forget we also offer a lot of other hire products and services from Disco effect Lighting including moving heads, lasers,LED uplighting.

We also offer festoon and fairy light hire, which are very big with wedding hires.

Not forgetting Dj hire from Mobile disco and dj hire, or we offer the dj equipment from Pioneer cdj hire, Technics 1210 hire, also mixers and controllers for use with Serato.

Plus we hire band equipment such as monitors, microphones both handheld and radio, sound desks plus di boxes, stands and soon to come staging.

We also provide Wedding Lighting Hire and cheapest Light hire London for corporate clients.

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