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Speaker Hire London | Why we are the best?

Speaker Hire London

Are you looking for a Speaker Hire in London? Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, anniversary party or just getting some friends and colleagues get together, you will need some music. Every household does have speakers but may not fit for purpose. Your speaker can be either small or big for the use or may not be compatible or not load and featureless.

That’s when LSC Sound and Light Hire London comes handy for your lighting and speaker hire. We serve around London and Surrey area. We have both regular residential and corporate customers.

We have all types of speakers for hire. We stock a full range of high quality; industry recognised speakers’ brand. We have small to big speakers, wired to wireless speakers. You can say we are PA Hire company with a full range of PA kits, DJ, stage, and speakers for rent.

We live in a hectic and stressful life, and all need to relax. Good music and good food can make your party lively. Music is the heart and soul of any party, and if the quality of the sound system is not right, then the entire ambience and mood go wrong.

You may be thinking why to pay for the speaker since you have one lying around on your house but ask yourself. Will your speaker give the same music quality compare to the one LSC has to offer?

We do not compromise with quality. Do you get what you pay for? You may find many speakers hire company if you search online. But what if you don’t get a good speaker or what if they charge you a lot? LSC Sound and Light Hire are one of the best speakers hire in London; you can trust with your eyes closed. If you do not believe us, please check our online reviews. We provide a wide range on sound systems for at very reasonable rates.


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“I had never hired speaker or lighting equipment before and so, Jason invited my partner and me to look at all the equipment he hires out, to help us make an informed decision. He is very genial, knowledgeable, professional and helpful.”

“The sound and lighting packages are fairly priced, and he provides an excellent setup and dismantling service.”

“The sound quality, in particular, was superb, more like a large home hi-fi than the screechy speakers one normally has to suffer at parties.”

“The lighting easily spanned the large rectangular room, bouncing numerous shapes and colours off the walls, floor, and ceiling. We were delighted. Thank you very much, Jason and team.”

Speaker Hire London

Different requirements of sound systems

We know that depending on the party theme, it requires different music and hence, separate sound systems. For instance, if you are organising the party indoors, then you may need small speakers than the one used for an outdoor event.

Depending on the attendees and the size of the room, you may need the more speakers. It is best to leave it to the experts to decide the right sound system for outdoor and indoor parties.

We at LSC Sound and Light hire we are very flexible and willing to help you to choose the right speakers you need. We can guide you with the hiring process. Along with the speakers you may need to hire a microphone, projector, various types of lighting, stage, and DJ. You can say we are the best Speaker Hire London Company.

We keep all our equipment in the good conditioned, so you don’t have to worry. Anyone who has done the stage shows may be aware, choosing the wrong microphone and the stage sound system can ruin the whole program. This could be embarrassing for you, and to avoid such a situation, you need to do proper research before your speaker hire process.

Let us look at the specific differences between indoor and outdoor sound systems

It is not wise to think that the sound system that you use in your home can be modified to play music for an outdoor event. First, you need to consider if the speakers are weather resistant and if it can be used outdoors. Usually, the speakers and other components of an outdoor sound system are made of water-resistant material. These outdoor speakers are also sturdier than the indoor ones because they face quite a bit of rough use.

The other thing that you need to consider when opting for outdoor PA system hire or purchase is that usually, outdoor speakers require higher power input. This is obviously because outdoors the sound tends to get dissipated and hence the speakers must be more powerful compared to indoor ones. These speakers have a built-in amplifier, or you need to an external amplifier.


Omni-directional Sound

Another quality that outdoor speakers should possess is omnidirectional sound. You should check for this quality when you opt for band equipment rental for the outdoors or even when playing recorded music. The idea is for a single outdoor speaker to have circular coverage over a larger area rather than pointing the sound in one direction which usually indoor speakers do.

We at LSC you can hire the best Outdoor Speakers with built-in amplifier for an affordable price. The aesthetic quality of the outdoor and indoor speakers is also, just like it is for everything else nowadays.

So you need to make sure that the speakers, whether indoor or outdoor blend into the surroundings. Nowadays, most of the companies that provide sound system rental for parties make sure speakers are multi-purpose and usable in any surroundings.


Garden Party

What if you are holding a garden party? You can hire a sound system which blends into the surroundings in terms of colour or are camouflaged within the foliage. Nowadays many companies that provide speaker hire London to provide speakers which look like rocks, tree stumps, flowerpots, or other items usually found in gardens. Why not add a Smoke Machine in your hiring list and beautify your garden party.


Remember to call Speaker Hire London for the best deal for sound system and lighting.

We all remember the sound old fashioned multi coloured traffic light disco effects which were hotter than the sun and could remove ten layers of skin if touched, glad to say that disco light effects have moved on a long way since then.

We now use more led disco effect lights as these last a lot longer and are a lot more lightweight, so more comfortable to hang up.

Outdoor Speaker Hire

We are the best PA hire in London

We are proud to become 1 of the best PA Hire London company not just because we have been serving for a long time, but also our price is competitive. We have been providing the PA hire service from our Epsom Office but to meet the high demand, especially from our corporate customers we are serving from our Putney office as well.

We have had excellent feedback from the people who were looking for sound system. We are glad people find it handy to have a Good Sound System hire company right in the centre of the city. Call our city office to find out what we have to offer you. We can come to your party venue the assist to give you the best Sound system rental for party deal you need to make your next Party the best memory.

So, we have learnt today a lot about the Speaker Hire London and other hire items we offer. But to learn more, check out our website or call our team.

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    fully equipped sound and light hire

    • My husband and I were absolutely delighted with the service we received from LSC Sound and Light Hire. Jason was very knowledgeable and helpful in our initial phone call, and gave us excellent advice about how much equipment we might need, and what would work best. The collection and return was very easy and Jason was very friendly and gave us clear demonstrations for how to set everything up. We would 100% recommend this company to others, and hope to use them again ourselves in the future - many thanks.

      Imogen Whitehead - 5 star Google Review

    • Fantastic company

      Jason was incredibly helpful, right from the start. He suggested additional lighting options (laser cam) which was brilliant and really added to the party feel of the venue. The uplighting completely changed the look of what was a basic rugby club bar and everyone commented on how lovely it looked. For not much money, we made the whole space look amazing. Highly recommend using Jason and his company.

      Cal Alphonse - 5 star Trust pilot Review

    • Great service and great easy to set up equipment Great friendly service from Jason from the initial enquiry to collecting the equipment. Prices competitive, as local to me I was able to pick items up myself which saved on time and cost. Took time to show me how to set up the equipment, which I videoed as a reminder and was available to support it I struggled. Luckily with the video as a reminder I could set up myself without bother. Helpful friendly service would recommend.  

      Charlotte Emma Burns - 5 star Trust pilot Review

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