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Take your party to the next level, why not book a virtual DJ with us.

London, Surrey and Surrounding Area

The safest way to entertain on the current Social Distancing Time

As you know we have still been told to stay at home as much as possible and now we can have small parties of up too Thirty people in your garden, but this means that there are still family and friends missing out on Birthdays, celebrations and parties in general, and this not so fun, so if you can’t go to the pub or club or party, why not create your own big night in for your household.

So, how can you have a fun party with still socially responsible, why not book our virtual DJ service.


So, if you have an internet connection, we can offer you your own live DJ via a video link, we can stream to your computer, laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone, don’t worry if you do not have this, as we can also supply a laptop if needed, and we can even supply a big screen or projector to take it to the next level, or we can hook up to your screen in your home.

The good bit is, you can invite friends and family to the stream, so everyone can enjoy your party, even be on screen, you can chat on the platform, and you can send live requests to your DJ and a message to your online guests, and this can all be done following the social distancing guidelines.

You can also add a speaker setup and party lights to this to this package to give your home party a more realistic feel.

Get in touch with us to learn more about this service.

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Party Package Plan

With the new rules on small social gatherings of up to Thirty people, why not up your small party or BBQ !

LSC is happy to offer a home party package, we can offer a powered/active speaker system which we can supply the correct leads to connect your mobile phones including both Android and Apple phones, or you can connect mp3 players, laptop computers and tablets too, then you can play your favourite songs or playlists.

We can also offer party/disco lighting effects to give your home that real party feeling, these with work on a plug and play setup, so we will supply a lighting stand and just plug in and off you go, for those of you that are unsure or we can also be contacted via video chat for further help if needed, but all of our equipment is very easy to set up and normally just a couple of electrical plugs and sound leads are needed to get things up and running.


  • 1 x QSC HPR 122I Powered Speaker 800w
  • 1 x Acme Impossibled disco effect light
  • 2 x magic led lights
  • Stands and cables


  • 1 x QSC HPR 122I Powered Speaker 800W
  • 1 x FBT SA15 Powered Sub-bass speaker 600W
  • 1 x ADJ Stinger II 3 in 1 light
  • 1 x KAM Laserscan 1000 3D
  • 2 x Equinox U.V Power Flood Light
  • Stands and cables


  • 1 x QSC HPR 122I Powered Speaker 800w
  • 1 x ADJ Stinger II 3 in 1 light
  • 1 x KAM Laserscan 1000 3D
  • Stands and cables

Note: All the above cost is excluding delivery and collection costs, subject to distance

Both “Virtual DJ” and “Party Package Plan” can be combined together and we can do a bespoke price for you. Get in touch for more information. STAY SAFE!

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Other Services

Sound and Lighting Equipment Service/Repair

So, we are still offering our Sound and Lighting equipment servicing and repair service, so while you equipment is not in use this is the best time to make all ready for when it all gets busy again.

Please contact us for a quotation.

The Virtual DJ Package 5

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Area We Serve

We are happy to deliver and collect within a fifteen-mile radius of our Thames Ditton office but can go further if needed,

please get in touch for prices on this service


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