Why we use QSC Speakers?

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 Why we use QSC speakers?

LSC Sound System Hire Surrey

QSC Speakers are best when it comes to sound system hire. LSC Sound system hire Surrey use QSC speakers on most of the time, to give the best sound effect. Check our Hire Package

QSC is globally recognised for its high performance audio products including loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers and so on.

QSC is mostly used by the production house, cinema and profession people like our-self .

Why we use QSC Speakers?

So since we started last year, LSC Sound & Light have strives to become one of the leaders in Sound system hire Surrey and London.

But first we had to find a way to achieve this, and we had a lot of choice when it came to powered speakers in today’s market, we had offer a good sound, great value for money, but also we needed a speaker that was going to be solid and robust, and most important an amplifier which was going to take a hard push over and over again without going bang.

We asked fellow DJ’s and friends in the business and we got a lot of different answers, seemed that everyone had their own favourite speakers and lots of pro’s & cons as well and then some were just out of our budget.

So where do we go from there ? 

So Jason who runs the company had been a long term club DJ and many of the clubs he had worked in over the years had either used Crown Amplifiers or the QSC RMX series amplifiers, normally they would use the rmx 2450 amps and these would be going four  to six times a week for hours on end and always reliable.

Jason then remembered that QSC also now made powered  loudspeakers that used the same technology as the RMX series amplifiers and thought if these sound as good as there amplifiers work, these could be the right speakers for LSC’s hire stock, and the right statement to be making to be a leader for Sound system hire Surrey.

QSC Speakers Hire Sound System Hire Surrey

 Hire Package 1

Hire Package 1

DJ Hire Package 2

DJ Hire Package 2

2 Main Reasons I choose QSC Speakers for all our Sound System Hire

  • I wanted to have a speaker that firstly was not in a plastic cabinet, as i feel plastic cabinets do not give off a great bottom end, i also wanted a nice looking speaker but also something that could take being knocked about a bit, as i knew these would be going out week after week.
  • I also needed a speaker that could be used as a stage monitor as well as a P.A speaker, lastly i needed a speaker that did all these things but i also needed them to be able to fit into a family saloon or hatchback car as my customer base would start from people having house parties,weddings,band gigs, plus many more other events.

The HPR series was the answer to our dreams

The HPR 122i series had Birch made cabinets which gave an amazing bottom end even when the speaker was up on a tripod the bottom end was still great, and also with the low pass cut out switch on the back enabled, Once sub woofers were added in this case the HPR 151i took the speakers to a whole different level.

Our ethos was simple, we wanted our customers to be blown away by our sound and with the HPR 122i series we have managed to do that.

QSC HPR122 I Hire in Surrey
Sound system hire surrey

With our QSC HPR 122I powered speakers, we now feel we can be one of the key players for Sound system hire surrey.

Don’t just take our word for it read our customer reviews on Google.
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